Help Save La Alma Lincoln Park History


La Alma-Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA) is working to document the historical significance and architectural character of one of Denver’s oldest and oft-neglected neighborhoods. Historic Denver has granted us $10,000 of our $16,350 budget, but we can’t receive a cent if we don’t raise the remaining amount in matching funds.  

La Alma-Lincoln Park has been a home to immigrants and the industrious from its earliest days, and much of the area retains its turn-of-the-century structures which reveal Denver’s origins and speak to the narrative of the working class communities who helped build the city. These neighborhood buildings were homes and businesses close to the jobs provided by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Shops, and the mills, breweries, warehouses, and factories that followed. In the 1960s, “La Alma” was ground zero for the Chicano liberation movement, and, with the Santa Fe Arts District as our Main Street, we remain a showplace for Denver’s diverse Latin culture.

Today, our neighborhood is facing the increased pressure of unchecked development and investment which caters to newcomers at the expense of the neighborhood’s historic character. With this grant, we will hire a professional historic consultant to survey a representative residential area, compile property records, collect oral histories of long-time residents, and offer recommendations for potential preservation opportunities. The findings will be presented next summer and autumn at a series of community outreach meetings, where we will also gather input for the potential next steps.


LPNA aspires to represent the interests and address the concerns of our entire, diverse, urban neighborhood. We hope this project helps preserve the neighborhood’s legacy and strengthen the community’s connection between past and present. We are so grateful to Historic Denver for this award, and would be equally appreciative of your generous contribution. Please help us unlock the Historic Denver grant money by donating today.


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