This blog is written by Dave Stauffer, former restaurant manager and Realtor, with the perspective of homeowner, dog-lover, amateur historian, transit advocate and community booster. Having completed work on a Master’s in  Public Administration, he is working on community building as Vice President of the La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA) and Board Member-at-Large for Denver INC.This blog is intended to reveal bits of history that are not quite common knowledge and sometimes help inform the public about some exciting new developments in  the neighborhood.

Across the Creek is place to learn more about the history of Denver from the perspective of the La Alma/Lincoln Park neighborhood.

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  1. Truly a golden gem. I’ve been exploring a little about Lincoln Park and an old bathhouse, swimming pool and water ditch. Looking forward to reading your blog and viewing associate images.

    I too am an amateur Colorado history hound. I own a website for the 360 museums in Colorado: http://ColoradoMuseums.CO.


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