Ugliness soon will vanish- 9th Street Lincoln Park, DPL Western History Collection X-22407

View of abandoned houses on Ninth Street in Denver, Colorado (Lincoln Park Neighborhood); shows dilapidated frame residences and trees. Title from newspaper clipping attached to back of photoprint; also reads: “from the spots where the new 3 million dollar Denver housing project plans improvements. This row of old, dilapidated shacks, for instance, along West Ninth Avenue, between Tejon and Umatilla Streets, will be among the first to be razed. Many others in that neighborhood and elsewhere will go, too, as the undertaking advances. New low rent structures will be erected to replace them, tho not always on the same sites. The ultimate objective, the authorities say, is a better, more beautiful and more livable Denver.” DPL Western History Collection X-22407

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