Delegation of Colorado Ute Indians together with white escorts in Washington D. C. who formulated the Kit Carson Treaty of 1868, DPL Western History Collection X-30677

Image of a oval portrait of Kit Carson and a triptych of standing portraits of the delegation of representatives from the Tabeguache, Moache, Capote, Weeminuche, Yampa, Grand River, and Uintah bands of Native American Utes and white delegates in Washington D. C. to sign the Kit Carson Treaty, providing a single reservation of all Ute bands with agencies at Los Pinos and Grand River, Colorado. First group portrait includes “Ank-o-tash, Pe-a-ach, Su-ru-ipe, G. M. Curtis, interpreter;” second group: “Geo. M. Chilcott, Colorado Delegate Congress, Sa-wa-ich, Albert G. Boone, grandson Dan’l Boone, A. C. Hunt, Gov. Colorado, Capt. Jack, Nic-a-a-gat, Hiram P. Bennet, 1st Delegate to Congress Colorado; third group: “Lafayette Head, Ind. Agt., Daniel C. Oaks, Ind. Agt., Waro, Ouray, Edward Kellogg, Capote.” DPL Western History Collection X-30677

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